Monday, April 18, 2011

The Greatest Blog Ever Neglected

HOLY CRAP! I just visited this blog and realized I haven't updated it in TWO YEARS! And the last post I put had a nice photo of me and my EX who I dated for less than 2 months! Haha. Well since then I have dated and married a better Amanda, a phenomenal girl named Amanda Nash (Now it's Amanda Schooley. Did you know that when you get married in our culture, traditionally the woman's last name changes into the man's? Now you do!) I'll have to update this really soon with a bunch of sh*t, since a bunch of sh*t has changed.

Here are a few examples of things that have changed:

I am now married

I am now working elsewhere

I got a mosquito bite in July of 2010

I obtained super powers

I abused my super powers and had them taken away

I caught a cold in March of 2011

I am now a pterodactyl

And much much more!!

The end. Nobody will read this.

This is my beautiful wife:


Anonymous said...

Hey I hope you have a wonderful life and your wife takes good care of you bro!

William Moore said...

Were your super powers frightening?