Monday, April 18, 2011

The Greatest Blog Ever Neglected

HOLY CRAP! I just visited this blog and realized I haven't updated it in TWO YEARS! And the last post I put had a nice photo of me and my EX who I dated for less than 2 months! Haha. Well since then I have dated and married a better Amanda, a phenomenal girl named Amanda Nash (Now it's Amanda Schooley. Did you know that when you get married in our culture, traditionally the woman's last name changes into the man's? Now you do!) I'll have to update this really soon with a bunch of sh*t, since a bunch of sh*t has changed.

Here are a few examples of things that have changed:

I am now married

I am now working elsewhere

I got a mosquito bite in July of 2010

I obtained super powers

I abused my super powers and had them taken away

I caught a cold in March of 2011

I am now a pterodactyl

And much much more!!

The end. Nobody will read this.

This is my beautiful wife:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Too much information!!

So I started this blog last October and I posted one thing and then forgot about it. Oh well, that's sort of what I suspected would happen. I don't have enough time for everything there is to do on the internet. The internet is so vast and incredible, a ten-thousand lane super highway of information and time-drain and mindless entertainment and super time-drain.

My stars, can you imagine a ten-thousand lane highway? I was going to say something about how incredible it would be, but actually it would be totally stupid and pointless. The majority of the lanes would go unused, since nobody would want to get over ten-thousand lanes to get off at their exit. Maybe ten lanes or so would actually get used.

Note to self: Scratch idea for ten-thousand lane super-highway :'(

Anyway, this post will contain too much information, since I feel like I should write an update on my life, because I don't keep a journal, and I want these things preserved somehow.


*I'm still recording the CD I mentioned in my last post. It's going a lot slower than previously planned. My band Thunderdog has over 2,500 fans on facebook (you can become a fan too, just go to and click on "Become a Fan") from all over the world, since I am advertising it in 83 different countries. We have over 200 fans in Chile alone. World tour, anybody?

*I was fired from my job in November. That was dumb. Basically I was fired so my boss could hire a guy she liked. That screwed me over for Christmas and I was very pissed off about it. I also couldn't take any classes this last semester because I didn't have any money. Oh well, things always end up working out somehow.

*Since I lost my job, I have had a couple other jobs. I tried to get a job with JetBlue, because that would be awesome, but I haven't accomplished that yet. I tried to get a job doing relay calls for deafies with Alan and Ben, but on the day that I got called back for that job, I also got a call from another place, Galileo. I worked at Galileo doing customer service for pre-paid credit cards for over a month, until I got fired for taking too much time off in one week, even though technically I was within the boundaries of the rules, but since it was through a temp agency, they can let me go at any time for any reason. Oh well.

*I'm currently working as a bus driver for a retirement home, Legacy House of Taylorsville. I get to take the old people to their doctors appointments, take them on a scenic drive every week, and to Walmart each Wednesday. For a while I was also working in the Alzheimer's area, but that was only temporary. It was awesome though, I loved the people in there.

*I have a girlfriend now! For anyone keeping count, she is my second girlfriend ever. Her name is Amanda, and she is super awesome. After hanging out pretty much every day for about a month, we "made it official" in the early morning of May 9th by updating our relationship statuses on Facebook. She finally bought a Nixon watch, and I decided she was cool enough now :P (just kidding, for anyone who takes jokes seriously). We occasionally make each other do retarded things that stupid couples do. If either of us saw a couple doing some of the things we do, we would make fun of them...but for some reason I don't care how stupid we may look, because I enjoy the cheesy dumbness. I guess you don't realize that stupid cheesy things are actually nice until you're the one doing them with a freakin awesome girlfriend.

So that's about all I'm saying for now I think. If you read all of this, thanks for caring about me enough to stick through to the end! If you didn't, I really don't care...I'm just not going to thank you for reading it, since you didn't. It's your business if you don't want to know what's going on in my life. Thanks for at least caring enough to look at my blog :)


--Michael "Butter me bacon" Schooley

*"suckers" here is used as a term of endearment.

p.s. Actually if you just changed the way that freeway entrances and exits function, maybe a ten-thousand lane super-highway could actually work! Like this: a lane would turn into an "exit only" lane and then it would drop out, becoming an exit ramp, first descending beneath the rest of the freeway then winding toward the exit destination. On ramps would work in the same way, only opposite. You would enter the freeway in the middle of it somewhere, not at the edge. Hmmm...unscratch the idea, jeeves!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hey everybody (or nobody, depending on who reads this)

I don't have much time to write many things right now, but I just wanted to update you all on what I've been up to lately.

Other than the boring stuff like work and school (i picked a major! I'm going into graphic design!), I've been spending a lot of my free time doing some recording of music!

Nothing makes me happier to create a work of art and then be able to stand back and look at it and think "Wow...I just MADE that! And now it's right there! And I can look at it and share it with everyone!".

I always need some sort of creative outlet, whether it be drawing or writing or doing improv (which I dabbled in for a minute), or creating songs. No matter which of these I do, when I'm done doing something that turns out good, the feeling I get is incomparable. I just feel great!

For anyone who doesn't know, I started a band in high school with Sean Myslinski where he drummed and I played bass and sang. We were THUNDERDOG. We did record a CD, (we recorded 18 songs in 2 hours. I don't think anyone anywhere has ever done that before), but the quality was very low.

Recently I bought a macbook, and it came with the program Garage Band, which is a handy little music recording device. In these past several weeks, I've been re-recording classic Thunderdog songs, and they're turning out fantastic! This time around, I'm recording everything myself, and I'm stoked about it all. I hope to have my entire CD finished by early 2009, and I'll probably have it up on ITunes sometime around there. Currently I have completed four songs, one of which being a Screeching Weasel cover ("Don't Turn Out The Lights"). Listen to them, please! And tell your friends to listen! I'm trying to spread this stuff as much as I can, I am very proud of these

You can download the one song, "Don't Turn Out The Lights" because it probably won't be on my CD, since it's a Screeching Weasel song. Download it and love it!

Thanks, friends and strangers. I actually don't even think anyone will read this, I don't know how anyone will find out that it's even here...ha ha! Oh well. I've wasted my time on dumber stuff.